Design guidelines & Restrictive Covenants

The Reef is dedicated to being in harmony with its coastal surroundings by maintaining a high standard of homes and landscaping. This not only ensures the overall feel of the estate is enhanced, but also protects the investment of all residents.

Read The Reef Design Guidelines and covenants to understand how your new home can meet our standards.

Restrictive Covenant - The Reef

Submission of plans for developer’s approval

To ensure your house plans comply with any conditions associated with the lot (including terms and conditions of your fencing and landscaping package) you will need to submit them for Pindan’s approval before your building plans can be lodged with the local council and before construction can begin.

An electronic set of plans must be submitted to (or via post to Pindan, PO Box 93 Belmont WA 6984) simultaneously with or prior to any plans submitted to the City of Wanneroo under the normal building approval procedure.

The Project Manager will peruse such plans for compliance with the Development Conditions and Design Guidelines and if considered to comply will return an approved set of plans to the applicant.

Fencing & landscaping rebates information

The Reef fencing guide will help you understand what the design requirements and responsibilities are for side and rear boundary fencing.

Landscape Fencing Rebate Form


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